Welcome to Breezy’s Healthy Recipes Blog. This is a source for tips, ideas, recipes and tweeks relating to a healthy lifestyle. Whatever program you are on, these recipes are delicious, flavorful and help you get healthy! All of these recipes have been tested by health conscience and junk food lovers alike!

Not familiar with the program? Interested in learning more? Want to just order some of the food so that you can create all of the Tweeks recipes? Let me know! You can contact me directly at BreezyHealthCoach@aol.com to get more information or set up a time to talk and learn more.

We love when people submit recipes! When submitting recipes please make sure to always credit original sources. Please be kind in regards to critiquing and giving feedback. Countless hours are put in by people who do this as a service.

Love the recipes but no time or patience to make them? Looking for other my other recipes or ideas? Contact me about catering and event planning or follow me at Breezy’s.

To learn more about a healthy lifestyle contact BreezyHealthCoach@aol.com


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