Teriyaki Chicken over Pasta

Yes, you read that correctly, pasta. There is this amazing product on the market called shiritaki noodles. There are a bunch of companies that make it. Its located in the refrigerator, near the Tofu. It comes in a plastic bag full of a clear liquid. They have no taste, so its fun to dress them up!

2 servings. each Serving is 1 lean, 3 Green, 1 Healthy Fat, 2 Condiments


1lb 2 oz chicken cutlets, diced

1 Package Shiritaki Noodles

1/2 cup Broccoli

1/2 Cup Mushroom

1/2 cup Peppers

1 Cup Spinach Leaves


1/8 cup water

2 tsp Peanut Oil (or any oil)

4 tsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce

2 Cubes of Frozen Garlic

1 packet truvia (optional)


Pour the noodles in to a colander and rinse well, set aside in a bowl. Mix the Sauce in a bowl and pour over the noodles, let it sit while you cook. In a large pan, sauté the chicken until no longer pink. The add the mushrooms and peppers. Once they begin to get tender add the broccoli. Then add the bowl of noodles with the sauce to the pan. Make sure to toss everything so the flavors combine. Once the noodles are heated thru add the spinach. Once the spinach is wilted, serve.

Note: You can really substitute in any veggie you want. Make sure not to fully cook the chicken when it is alone in the pan or it will dry out. Spices are not really needed because of the soy sauce and garlic, some people say they like it better when they add a packet of truvia, since it sweetens the flavors.




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