Amazing Items to Stock Up On!

As I am sitting here typing up this blog I am eating the Gardein nuggets. Why? I’m a foodie and a chef, shouldn’t I have a real fancy meal ready? I also happen to be a single mom with 2 jobs Breezy’s, my amazing store in Long Island and my health coaching job. I also co-chair an amazing fundraiser called Couture for a Cause. So between all of that PLUS this blog I’ve been a bit too busy today to actually cook.

One of the things that drew me, and many others to the program I am on, was that it took the guess work out of eating and made everything a bit more simple. With a large selection of “to go” food, items that just need water added or food that you just throw in a toaster or microwave, life just got easier and healthier in one shot!  So why does my Lean & Green need to be complicated also? Here is a list of some of my favorite items that are premade and easy to use. I always suggest to my clients to keep 1 or 2 items in their fridge or freezer like this, since you never know when your day will get to crazy and you forget to make food!

PLEASE NOTE: I called to verify these nutrition labels but labels change so make sure to be your own advocate and if it looks funny call!

Dinner just got easier!  15 minutes in the oven at 400 deg (I put it in while its frozen) gets a yummy and crunchy nugget. I could eat these every day…


Beefless Tips: 1 1/2 servings is 1 Lean and require 1 healthy fat

Chick’n Strips: 2 Servings is 1 Lean require no healthy fat

Beefless Ground: 3 servings is 1 Lean and requires 2 healthy fat

2These noodles have fooled even my kids! 1/2 cup is considered 1 green and each bag has approximately 2 servings. They are easy to use and have no taste. Pour the bag into a strainer and rinse it VERY WELL with cold water. It takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it.  Add a 1/2 cup of tomato sauce (1 green) and cheese (lean) and you have a quick and easy dinner. Nutrition supports suggests limiting your amount of dairy since it can slow your weight loss. So try this recipe!

FullSizeRender1Did you avoid hot dogs? I know I did! But after finding these I was kinda curious and called nutrition support. Guess what? These are considered a Healthy Fat! Who knew? 1 hot dog = 1 healthy fat. So now when your making a BBQ, throw these up and it can be your healthy fat with your chicken! Want another creative idea? Check out this recipe!

FullSizeRenderThis is a staple in my house. Did you know that the Silk brand of unsweetened almond milk is different then all the others? 1 cup = 1 condiment. You can use it with the pareve cereal to have a pareve meal, add it to coffee, put some apple cinnamon soy crisps in it or make my favorite thing in the world, a Frappy!

FullSizeRender3This is a powdered peanut butter and is great to add to shakes or create these delicious Brownies! 1 Tbsp = 1/2 snack

FullSizeRenderPizza crusts are an amazing staple! 1 crust counts as 3 green and 1/2 protein. Either add some cheese or the fake shredded meat on top. Yum… For transition and maintenance ONLY!

Wright’s Liquid Smoke: 1 tsp is 1 condiment index

Gefen Pizza Sauce (Plain only): 1/2 cup = 1 vegetable gefen-pizza-sauce-classic-132657.jpg


What’s your favorite product? Share it with me and ill feature it on the blog with your name! 🙂

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