Matza Balls

The number one thing people tell me they miss on Shabbos and Yuntif are Mazta Balls aka Kneidelach. So as soon as I saw the newest crackers AND that they were pareve my brain started turning with recipes. It wasn’t until a client suggested it that I sad “Of course” and ran to make it… and boy were they delicious!!


Makes 2 Servings: 1 snack, 1/4 condiment


1 Packet Medifast Multi grain crackers

1 cup Water

1 Cup Low Sodium Chicken Stock

Pinch of Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder

1 Tbsp Egg Beaters (I didn’t count this in to nutrition bc it is so minuscule an amount, its less than the extra protein you can have each day)

2 Tbsp Seltzer


IMG_7889I used a spice grinder, but you can use any blender you have to turn the crackers into a powder. In a small bowl or cup add to the the spices, egg beaters and seltzer. Combine well and stick it in the fridge while you wait. In a small sauce pan place the water and chicken stock and let it come to a low boil. Once it comes to a boil take the Matza ball mixture out of the fridge and divide it, roll each half into a ball and place it into the boiling soup. Let it boil for 10-15 min.

Serving is 1/2 the liquid and 1 matza ball.


NOTE: I like my matza balls dense so I left out the seltzer. The seltzer will make it lighter and fluffier.

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